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VR like you’ve never felt it before

At Holosphere VR, we like to partner with our clients and work the full lifecycle of a VR project – from the earliest spark of an idea through to the delivery and debut.

We offer the following core services and much more besides. Have a look and see how we can help you make VR a part of your next big project.

How we work

We like the get involved at the earliest stages of an idea and partner with our clients in VR concept development. That way, you get the best out of the technology and creative freedom that VR has to offer. Our process is adaptable to the needs of your project, but we try to identify as many of the core elements of a project as possible early on, as these tend to heavily influence the later stages.

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Room scale VR

Room scale VR opens up a world of potential. The ability to move freely within a defined area allows an unprecedented perception of immersion within the environment. Your user can walk, crouch and sit down within their virtual surroundings, and feels more connected with the setting, making the effect of the experience even more potent.

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Projection mapping

A form of spatial Augmented Reality, 3D projection mapping uses several different projectors to illuminate multiple sides of an object, aligning it with its virtual equivalent and bringing it to life using animations and interactions. Perfect for product launches, events and even art installations, it can bring products to life, provide interaction opportunities by dynamically changing and animating models, and wow audiences by allowing multiple people to observe from multiple perspectives at once.

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360˚ VR video

360˚ VR video is one of the easiest ways to get your VR content into the hands of the largest audience possible. We encode in live 360˚ VR video or use in-engine 3D to create stunning worlds with an amazing degree of control in either 2D or 3D. Reach ever-increasing audiences using a wide range of devices, including Samsung GearVR, and put your 360˚content out on supported social networks.

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VR Research & Development

We maintain active VR research and development, working with our partners to break new ground and find even better applications for VR.

The world of Virtual Reality moves quickly, find out how we can keep you up to date with key hardware, interaction standards, and market awareness.

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Case studies

Arc Vector VR / AR Launch

projection-mapping room-scale-vr

Forest of Serenity

360%cb%9a-vr-video research-and-development room-scale-vr

The Round Room


Game Store Design


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