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Project Description

Forest of Serenity

When St Giles Hospice approached us with the challenge of creating a room-scale virtual meditation experience, we thought the potential applications sounded very exciting and had great potential to help people who endure the daily struggle of chronic pain.

Holosphere worked with medical professionals from St Giles to create the lush, calming environment of the Forest of Serenity.

The viewer is directed by the narration of Sir David Attenborough to relax and explore the forest, taking in its animated wildlife and at the same time visualising and transposing their pain.

Room-scale VR offers unparalleled immersion, allowing the viewer to explore the environment at their own pace, and in six degrees of freedom.

Consequently, it was noted that this level of immersion supported viewers in suspending their disbelief and helped some users to more successfully engage in their mediation and pain relief.


“The results were amazing, it is wonderful to observe patients body language as they become immersed in a virtual world where they can forget their pain.

One patient with intractable pain from mesothelioma was asked about his pain following a VR session said ‘What pain? For the first time in six months, I completely forgot that I had any pain’.”

Dr Sheila Popert – Medical Director, St Giles Hospice


The room scale version of ‘Forest of Serenity’ was later adapted to 360˚ VR video so that more people could take advantage of the meditative benefits, via the more widely available Samsung Gear VR.



“Absolutely magical. A friend with severe mouth ulcers from chemo hadn’t been able to eat or drink for a few days, while using the app she was able to sip water through a straw, she had tears of relief in her eyes by the time it finished.

Oculus User


Nominated for Best Immersive Medical at the VR Expo Awards 2018.


You can make a donation to St Giles Hospice on their website.


Other versions of the Forest of Serenity

Download the room-scale VR version for Windows from St Giles’ website

3D video for GearVR and mobile

Mono video for computers and tablets

Project Details

  • ClientSt Giles Hospice
  • StyleRoom scale VR
  • Date2017
  • Skills3D Art, Animation, VR video
  • PlatformOculus, Vive, GearVR