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We are Holosphere VR

In 2016 our founders, Entrepreneur Rob Halliday-Stein and veteran game designer Jay Molloy, saw the vast and ever-growing potential for VR in making meaningful improvements to the way people feel.

They started Holosphere VR with the goal of building a Birmingham-based studio with a skilled team, to create world-class, immersive VR content.

This process and early projects helped shape the team and provided the learnings required to craft truly revolutionary VR content for brands, agencies and humanitarian applications.

And ultimately, provided Holosphere’s purpose:

We craft world-class, immersive experiences that make a positive impact

Our specialities

We can do a lot more besides, but our core areas of expertise and focus are:

Concept Development

Partnering with clients from the very beginning for the best results

Room scale VR

Unparalleled immersion with freedom to move and explore

360˚ VR Video

Showcase your products and services from a new perspective


Discover applications for the newest VR technology and break new ground

Meet the team

Gary Baptist
Director of Production

Larry Brangwyn
Commercial Director

Charlotte Clarke
3D Artist

Sean Duffy
Technical Director

Devon McFarlane
Agency Lead

Philip Morton
3D Artist

Want to see your name above?

If you’re interested in joining our team, take a look at our open positions, or get in touch for a chat.

See what we do

Arc Vector VR / AR Launch

projection-mapping room-scale-vr

Forest of Serenity

360%cb%9a-vr-video research-and-development room-scale-vr

The Round Room