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Birmingham Virtual Reality Firm Shines at ​Milan’s EICMA Motorcycle Show

8th November 2018

Birmingham Virtual Reality Firm Shines at Milan’s EICMA Motorcycle Show

A Birmingham VR company has taken the Milan Motorcycle Show by storm this week by showing off its innovative, state of the art projection mapping as part of the spectacular unveiling of a brand-new electric superbike, the Arc Vector made by Arc based in Coventry.

Holosphere VR’s mind blowing projection technique – which the Digbeth-based company has been developing over the last year – instantly brings the bike to life with colour and animation through bespoke, ground breaking real-time 3D projection mapping, and featured in the worldwide official launch of the new motorbike.

The electric motorbike  is said to be one of the “most advanced ever made”.  Built by British engineers in Coventry, the bike comes with a jacket that digitally connects the rider with the road.  The Arc Vector is priced at £90,000 and features a Human Machine Interface (HMI), a Heads-Up Display (HUD) helmet and an intelligent biker jacket.

Mark Truman, CEO of Arc, said:

“We felt that there was more one could get out of motorcycling which no one was tapping into. This is about using technology to strip back the experience of riding a bike, through the use of haptics and HUD (Heads-Up Display). The helmet and jacket work in tandem with the Vector to remove distractions and emphasise the joy of riding.”

Larry Brangwyn, Commercial Director of Holosphere VR, said they were delighted with what they had achieved in showcasing the Arc Vector:

“3D projection mapping really brings the product to life – it’s much better than just seeing pictures of the bike on the internet where you don’t get a real feel for it.  With this technology, you get a real feel for how big the bike is and what it actually looks like right in front of you.

“It also gives you the ability to change aspects of it before your very eyes. We give the users the ability to configure their perfect bike.  They can change the colour of a range of elements such as the trim, the wheels and the calipers. You can create your own bespoke bike and then almost reach out and touch it – it really is impressive!”

Holosphere VR’s projection mapping technology is unique and has been made possible through initial research and development projects with Innovate UK, who funded the first round of industrial research to enable the company to develop the technology.

Not only that, Holosphere VR also supported the launch with a VR experience that gave audiences the opportunity to try the three main operating modes of the arc vector, showcasing the smart, connected features.

Larry added:

“We worked tirelessly to make sure that the reveal of the new bike at the Milan Motorcycle Show was beyond impressive.  Our technology allows us to use a potentially infinite number of projectors to cover huge or very complex surfaces, either tiling or overlaying onto an object. The realism and detail we’ve created is astonishing!”

He believes that being involved in a project on the world stage, such as this, will showcase what can be achieved.

“It’s excellent to be able to show this off in Milan as a very clear example of why other companies might want to go down the road of either VR, projection mapping or XR technology in general.”

Larry concluded:

“This is also great for us as a VR company based in Birmingham.  We have a long-standing goal of transforming the city into a centre of excellence for VR and XR technology.

“This is really exciting because it is one of the finest pieces that we have ever created. There is a spectacular level of attention to detail, creativity and passion that went into the project. It’s using immersive technology to provoke emotion and bring a product to life in ways that haven’t been seen or been possible before.”


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