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VR Research & Development

The future of VR

The world of Virtual Reality moves quickly. It only takes a few months for key hardware, interaction standards and market awareness to advance and change. This means it’s easy to be left behind.

That’s why Holosphere VR maintains active VR research and development, working with our partners to break new ground and find even better applications for VR technology.


Do things with VR that no-one has done before


Understand how VR can change lives and the industry


Make a positive impact on the world with VR


Change the way people think with immersive technology

We’re passionate about using VR research to promote positive change in the world. It fits right in with our purposeto craft world-class, immersive experiences that make a positive impact.

Our more prominent work has been in the wellbeing and medical field, using VR to alleviate physical symptoms and change perspectives. Other areas include shared, in-person VR experiences and immersive education.

These areas require up-to-date knowledge of the latest VR technology, software, and techniques, something we’d be happy to put to work for you.

VR research and development case studies

Forest of Serenity

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Need VR research for your next project?

Explore your ideas with us. We’d be happy to go through your requirements, and figure out how to get things done. No obligation and no pressure.