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Room Scale VR

Ultimate immersion

Room scale VR technology opens up a world of potential. The ability to move freely within a defined area allows an unprecedented perception of immersion within the environment, as your user can walk, crouch and sit down within their virtual surroundings.

The fact that these natural behaviours are possible means the user is more immersed in virtual reality and feels more connected with the setting, making the effect of the experience even more potent.

Go wireless

Untether from pesky cables and experience free movement


Change your perspective with six degrees of freedom


VR doesn’t have to be all virtual – reach out and touch props

Lose yourself

Forget that you’re in a room and be anywhere you want

Room scale VR can be used effectively in many different contexts. For well-being and guided meditation, it is easier for some people to see and hear their surroundings rather than simply visualise it internally. This can make

Also, it can be quick and simple to create variations of a room or a building design in room scale vr. Freedom of movement around inside architectural renderings or store layouts gives a much better feel for the practicality and aesthetic, as well as the physical properties of the layout such as lighting and acoustics.

Room scale VR case studies

Arc Vector VR / AR Launch

projection-mapping room-scale-vr

Forest of Serenity

360%cb%9a-vr-video research-and-development room-scale-vr

The Round Room


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