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Projection Mapping

Bring your world to life

3D projection mapping is a form of spatial Augmented Reality. By using several different projectors, it is possible to illuminate multiple sides of an object, aligning it with its virtual equivalent and bringing it to life using animations and interactions.

Perfect for product launches, events and even art installations, it can bring products to life, provide interaction opportunities by dynamically changing and animating models, and wow audiences by allowing multiple people to observe from multiple perspectives at once.

Multiple audiences

As many people as you like can observe projection mapped objects


Freedom to walk around objects and view from different perspectives


Animate, configure and change objects to suit customer desires

Extend interfaces

Make displays or interfaces even larger, or extend into three dimensions

Holosphere VR’s proprietary approach to real-time, 3D projection mapping allows for a theoretically unlimited number of projectors to be used to bring objects to life. Our approach uses the Unreal Engine as the basis for projecting virtual objects that match up exactly with physical blanks that are manufactured and painted in a colour that is conducive to projection.

Projection mapping is perfect for wowing audiences in a variety of settings, including product launches, event showcases, product configurators, 3D or 360˚ signage and art installations. It is possible to bring objects as small as boxes, or as large as buildings to life using this technology.

Notably, we supported Coventry-based Arc Vehicle in the launch of their flagship electric superbike, the Arc Vector, by creating a launch film to reveal the bike to the press and public, as well as a projected, configurable motorcycle allowing prospective customers to try out their favourite colour options, trim and livery.

Projection mapping case studies

Arc Vector VR / AR Launch

projection-mapping room-scale-vr

Want 3D projection mapping for your next project?

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Core technologies featured in our projection mapping projects were developed with investment and support from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency.