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Project Description

The Round Room

This room scale virtual experience was designed to highlight the famous Round Room in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

A beautiful circular exhibition room within the iconic Grade II listed building, which opened its doors in 1885, the round room is just one of over forty galleries in which you can explore various eras of art, diverse exhibition programme as well as permanent installations.


“I was blown away by the VR recreation of the Round Room at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery by Holosphere, it was incredibly accurate! It remains my best VR experience so far, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.”

Linda Spurdle, Digital Development Manager, Birmingham Museums Trust


We’ve all been there – trying to appreciate the seemingly infinite facets of a piece of art, in a busy public place. Children crying, people jostling for photos. It doesn’t offer you sufficient space and peace to truly take everything in. In room scale VR, however, you can examine the art in almost the same amount of detail and freedom, without distractions.

The Round Room was designed to elicit the same emotional and natural response from viewers that they would experience in person and promote further visits to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We’re happy to say that it was a success.


Project Details

  • ClientBirmingham Museum & Art Gallery
  • StyleRoom scale VR
  • Date2017
  • Skills3D Art Photogrammetry, etc
  • PlatformOculus, Vive, GearVR