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Project Description

Game Flagship Store Design

Conversations with the good folks at Alive! highlighted an interesting issue and application for Virtual Reality.

GAME were in the process of redesigning their flagship Bristol store to be the crown jewel of all their retail properties. This meant that every detail from the obvious to the minuscule – from the layout to how the light falls on displays at certain times of day, needed to be just so.

Rather than spending a fortune on Computer Aided Design (CAD) renders or miniature models, Alive! opted to use Holosphere’s powerful 3D art capabilities to create a virtual store, where the environment could be evaluated and showcased far more quickly and easily.

Furthermore, with the use of VR the user can explore the flagship store using a ‘teleport’ system or by simply walking through it in six degrees of freedom, as they would in the real store.

In addition, it’s possible to instantly switch between different designs and layouts at the press of a button.


Holosphere were a joy to work with. They immediately understood our vision, were great at suggesting creative solutions, and quickly implemented any changes we wanted. They welcomed us into their studios and encouraged a relaxed and collaborative working relationship. Seeing our flat visuals and mood boards transform into a (virtually) real space was incredible, and so much better than we imagined.

Graeme Longstaff – Founder, We Are Alive!


Every dimension of the experience could be evaluated in ways that a simple drawing or 3D render doesn’t do justice and refinements to the layout and design were far quicker and easier as a result.

We were glad to make the process easier for GAME and to contribute to the design of a successful and recognized store.


Project Details

  • ClientAlive! / GAME
  • StyleRoom scale VR
  • Date2017
  • Skills3D Art, Layout, Navigation
  • PlatformOculus, Vive