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Project Description

Arc Vector VR / AR Launch

The Arc Vector is an all-new electric superbike that could change the way we ride forever.

When Coventry based Arc Vehicle approached Holosphere with the aim of supporting the official launch of the Vector – the very first time the public and trade press would lay eyes on it – there was obvious synergy between the two companies, and a desire to use new technologies to maximum effect.

The Vector is the world’s first motorcycle with an integrated multi-sensory HMI (Human Machine Interface), in the form of an innovative Heads-Up Display (HUD) helmet and a haptic jacket which has a range of abilities from pumping through your favourite music to giving you a tap on the shoulder if there’s a car approaching from behind. All of this makes up the most involving motorcycle experience on the market today.

The Vector would be launched in 2018 at Milan’s EICMA motorcycle show and then travel to the NEC in Birmingham for Motorcycle Live.

Having previously worked with Holosphere on projects for Jaguar Land Rover, Arc CEO Mark Truman was keen to use both Virtual and Augmented reality to help people understand the smart, connected technologies, and get a feel for the breathtaking aesthetics of the bike and its various design options.

That’s where we came in.


The Arc Vector VR Experience


To give event-goers a true impression of how the ‘Zenith’ connected helmet with HUD and ‘Origin’ haptic jacket enhance the ride, the Arc Vector VR experience was designed to simulate the three main operating modes of the bike:

  • Urban – where the connected devices provide enhanced safety features
  • Sport – features to help users gauge the speed of the bike
  • Euphoric – a minimalist interface designed for the purest enjoyment of the ride

For the most realistic ride possible, the entire Arc Vector VR experience was based on a physics engine and precisely choreographed.



The VR hardware was built into the Arc stand and users could sit on a concrete plinth the exact size of the bike for a more immersive riding experience. The VR headset displayed the HUD, and Holosphere wrote software to connect prototypes of the haptic jacket, synced with the virtual experience.

Television screens displayed the first-person view of each rider, in order to draw attention from show-goers and allow spectators a view of the experience, getting them excited to try it for themselves.



The Configurator

Now audiences could understand the operating modes and connected technologies, it was time to show them all the different configurations of the Arc Vector.

The bike is hand-made with a lightweight carbon-composite structure and ingeniously elegant battery-module monocoque, which is as clean, efficient and powerful as it is beautiful to behold. With several user-configurable parts and hundreds of possible material combinations, Arc wanted a way to show off the different configurations of the bike to potential customers, and give them a way to build their ideal bike.

Using proprietary 3D projection mapping technology, Holosphere VR created a spatial AR solution using a 1:1 scale, white model of the Arc vector and a series of powerful projectors to bring the bike to life from every angle.



Arc staff were able to use wireless tablet devices connected to the Unreal Engine (that underpins most of our immersive projects) to configure the various options on the bike live on the stand, from the colour of the leather to the finish on the brake callipers.


The Launch Film

In homage to past café racers that inspired the creation of the Vector, the very first time members of the public would see the design of the Vector would be at an event in Milan at the renowned Cafe Deus.

Using the same real-time 3D projection mapping technology as the configurator, Holosphere created a short reveal film projected onto a second bike model at the event.



Arc is backed by InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund.


Core technologies featured in this project were developed with investment and support from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency.

Project Details

  • ClientArc Vehicle
  • StyleProjection Mapping, Room scale VR
  • DateNovember 2018
  • Skills3D Art, Animation, Motion Graphics, Development, Projection
  • PlatformHTC Vive, Unreal Engine