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Project Description

The creation of a realistic 3D render for the product launch of AluK’s new F82 bi-fold door allowed us to demonstrate one of our most important skills – attention to detail and making sure even the tiniest specifics are right.

Using the high-quality, accurate 3d render, Holosphere created a pleasing product feature video that highlights the core features of the door by separating and focusing in on specific components. This would be difficult with a live action video or lower quality 3d render.

In addition, a separate video was created to launch the product to the trade press, and the way the 3D assets were created allowed us to export incredibly high-quality still images for use in brochures and articles.


Project Details

  • ClientAlive! / AluK
  • StyleVisualisation
  • DateOctober 2017
  • Skills3D Render, Video
  • PlatformVideo