The VR ecosystem is complex and it's evolving daily. We're here to help guide you through this constantly shifting world and make the right choices for your project.



We combine the latest in real-time rendering with immersive and augmented technologies to produce rich interactive content. Whether a VR game title, product visualization, 360° video or a room-scale multi-player experience our team have the tools and the talent to realise your project on time and on budget.


Research & Development

Holosphere has partnered with SteamVR to become a licensed developer of its groundbreaking Lighthouse tracking technology. Our development team have been pioneering new uses of this sub-millimetre accurate tracking system to explore new forms of interaction - bridging the real and virtual worlds to create truly unique experiences.



Although VR can be used at home we believe that currently its most powerful application is for out-of-home use in a controlled environment. Holosphere can deliver purpose-built VR platforms which have been tailored for your specific campaign needs. Our systems come fully configured with engineer support for installation and maintenance.