Anglo-Saxon Gold Smelt

On 5th July 2009 the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon  gold and silver ever to be found was detected just below the surface of a field in Staffordshire, UK. Now known as 'The Staffordshire Hoard' parts of this collection tour the UK and are also on permanent exhibit at locations including the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We have worked closely with BMAG to create a unique educational VR experience which teleports the user to a warrior village in the Kingdom of Mercia, 695 AD. 

Boulton & Watt Engine

A long long time ago, way before Palmer Lucky launched that fated kickstarter campaign and started a VR evolution there was a revolution of a different kind taking shape in our home town of Birmingham. The Boulton & Watt Engine played a pivotal role in developing the modern world using innovations in engineering and steam technology. Our immersive experience can transport you back to that time and place to get a real feel of the scale and power of this marvel of engineering.  

The Round Room

The iconic 'Round Room' at the heart of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will be a familiar sight to most Brummies who have probably visited in person at least once in their lives. Thanks to immersive room-scale VR it's now possible for anyone, anywhere on earth to experience a beautifully detailed recreation of this domed space and visit the room's centre-piece, Jacob Epstein's bronze sculpture 'The Archangel Lucifer'.